Growing People, Profit and Competitive Advantage

Welcome to OPG Consulting

OPG Consulting is a management and organization consulting firm that operates with a core value of first understanding our client, including their vision, values, culture, competitive strategies, goals. 

Having a deeper understanding of these components and critical challenges, allows OPG to help our clients to unlock their company's full potential.

Often we partner with our clients using an "outside-in" approach, which begins with identifying the organization and workforce key strengths, weaknesses and core competencies that have contributed to past and current company success.  


This approach allows our clients to have open and candid conversations within the senior executive management team, and across organizational levels, leading to new insights into how their organization can more effectively compete by developing and implementing new strategies to address emerging threats and to capitalize on the highest-value opportunities.

Our experience has shown that customized solutions provide the greatest competitive advantage and long lasting value for our clients. 

With this in mind, w
e work closely with our clients to develop innovative approaches and creative solutions that result in measurable successes and improvements long after we are gone.


At OPG Consulting, we have built a solid reputation of providing innovative and leading edge consultation that assists our clients in consistently achieving company goals and delivering outstanding performance. 


                    Helping Smart Organizations Grow People, Profits, 
                                        and Competitive Advantage

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